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(New Japan) Kenny Omega Reveals: “This is my Comeback”

New Japan’s IWGP US Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega (33) revealed his thoughts about his comeback on the 16th. Aiming for a two-time victory, he ended up being defeated by Naitô Tetsuya (35) in the finals of the G1 CLIMAX (13th, Ryôgoku Kokugikan), but focused afterwards on defending his US championship, never losing his will to fight. He also had a few words to spare for his former ally, Ibushi Kôta (35), whom he had deeply hoped to meet again in the finals.

After the hard battles, you regrettably failed to win the G1 a second time in a row.

Kenny: “I gave it everything I had. Naitô was better than ever before. It’s not something I’m ashamed of. It was a good match, and I won’t make any excuses.”

[Tell us about what you’re] going to do from here.

Kenny: “First, I want to solidify the US belt I’m holding. My G1 score wasn’t perfect. I think there are guys who’d want this belt.”

Juice Robinson (28), who has a win over you in the tournament, has declared his challenge.

Kenny: “Do you really think Juice can win the belt? I was in every main event of the big matches this year, in the Tôkyô Dome, Ôsaka-jô Hall, the G1 finals. For Juice, the US title match might be a big match, but for me, it’s an ordinary one. I might wrestle the match in a T-shirt…”

You mean you won’t run away.

Kenny: “If I lose, so be it. If I can settle the score, then I want to return to my previous plan (defending [the belt] with the possibility of doing so against [wrestlers from] other promotions).”

You’re going to elevate the US title and then head into the Tôkyô Dome on January 4th.

Kenny: “The guy who won the G1 four years ago couldn’t make it to the main event of the Dome. Who was that again? Of course I think the winner of the G1, meaning Naitô this year, should be in the main event of the Dome. But if Naitô becomes lazy like he did four years ago, then maybe the US title match will be the main event? (laughs)” 

After the G1 finals, you exchanged some words with Ibushi backstage and then left, swiping his hand away, [what was that about]?

Kenny: “(after thinking carefully) I feel like he asked me if I was hurt, if I was okay, or something like that, but it doesn’t matter anymore. After a match in which I put my life on the line, any words are too late. Words of concern? I don’t want to hear them.”

The fight that [you] so wanted before the tournament didn’t happen, but what about the future?

Kenny: “I…no, both of us lost the G1, and we’ve gone back to zero. I’m the champion, so I will need to defend [my belt]. I feel like [we] will probably walk our separate paths once again.”