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(New Japan G1) Kenny Omega Confident He can Topple Okada

IWGP Us Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega (33) seeks to win New Japan’s Festival of the Midsummer, the G1 CLIMAX, for a second time. He is full of enthusiasm as he heads into his B Block tournament match against IWGP Heavyweight Champion Okada Kazuchika (29). Both combatants have had two long bouts the two times they faced each other this year. Together with hinting at his secret plan to topple Okada under the surefire conditions of a 30 minute 1 fall match and advancing into the finals (13th, Ryôgoku), Kenny also revealed his determination to become a two-time [G1] winner.

The Midsummer Festival has finally entered its climatic stage. The B Block has become a head-to-head reace between Kenny (12 points) and Okada (13 points), with one point difference. If Kenny can obtain the victory in this last tournament match, then he will advance into the finals.

Just this year, the two fought twice for the IWGP [Heavyweight belt], and after the 46 minutes 45 seconds long war they had at the Tôkyô Dome on January 4th, Okada captured the win. [The match] at Ôsaka-jô Hall on June 11th ended in a time limit draw after 60 minutes. Kenny has been tasked with the mission of winning in under 30 minutes, but he gave a glimpse of his confidence to break through this wall. Waiting for his moment to shine, [Kenny said,] ”No one is in perfect condition in the final stretch of the G1. And it looks like Okada is more banged up than me. His neck is taped up. But if I can, I don’t want to target him there. If EVIL (who defeated Okada in an upset on the 5th in Ôsaka) can, then so can I. At the very least, it shouldn’t be the same Okada as the two times [I faced him] in the past.”

Okada’s single loss in the tournament matches was when he suffered an EVIL (variant great leg sweep) as a counter to the Rainmaker. Kenny smiled meaningfully, [saying,] “I won’t be able to get it done like this with my finisher (One Winged Angel = variant driver). Of course I plan on finishing things with the One Winged Angel, but I get the feeling I’m going to need something else too. You can look forward to seeing that on the day of the match.” He thus hinted at the existence of a secret “Rainmaker-Killer” weapon.Meanwhile, for A Block, his former close friend and rival, Ibushi Kôta (35) was eliminated [from the tournament], and a [possible] confrontation [Kenny] had so desired has been wiped from existence. Kenny moved on emotionally, while revealing his complex thoughts and feelings: “It was more important to me (to face Ibushi in the finals) than defeating Okada. Truth be told, I’m demotivated a bit. Sometimes you fail, but that’s life. I have come this far, so my will to win the tournament is strong, and me winning will be a great profit for the fans. Those big matches that don’t feature me in the main event, they aren’t New Japan’s best matches.” The Best Bout Machine that stands at the top of the world will light Ryôgoku on fire this midsummer.