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Intercontinental Champion Kenny: Another Meeting with Ibushi Instead of WWE

[Today,] on [February] 15th, New Japan’s IWGP Intercontinental Champion Kenny Omega (32), revealed his hidden thoughts of usurpation. At the beginning of the year, he installed himself as the new leader of the nefarious stable Bullet Club (BC), and since then has emerged immediately at the top [of New Japan], even taking the IC belt. Kenny has refused the offers of the American [promotion] WWE and stuck to the ring in another country, as a certain man is still on his mind.

On [February] 14th at the Nagaoka event, Kenny won the IC Championship when he defeated Tanahashi Hiroshi (39) in the match to decide the next champion. Suddenly, he has leapt to the forefront of the heavyweight division he so desired to be a part of.

On January 5th, at the Kôrakuen event, he exiled AJ Styles (38) from BC and became the new leader. AJ moved to WWE. It’s said that it’s very likely Karl Anderson (36) and Doc Gallows (32) will follow suit, and so the gang of villainous foreigners is undergoing a great change.

Japanese wrestler Nakamura Shinsuke (35) left New Japan at the end of January as well, but these four aren’t the only ones who got an offer from the world’s biggest promotion. Kenny revealed that “Just last year I spoke with them about three times.” Even so, he has renewed his multi-year contract with New Japan, preferring to fight in a country far away from home. “There’s still something for me to do in Japan. There’s a special someone. I can’t go anywhere until I’ve fought him. I think everyone knows who it is, so I’m not gonna say the name.” It’s clear this is referring to Ibushi Kôta (33, New Japan and DDT).

Kenny, who came to Japan for the first time in 2008, cemented his position in Japan firmly with his brutal bouts with Ibushi. They made a name for themselves as the beloved tag team “Golden☆Lovers”. However, ever since Kenny transferred to New Japan in October of 2014, they haven’t had an opportunity to fight due to their different positions [within the promotion]. Although Kenny has finally managed to join the group that stands at the top of the heavyweight division, the two keep missing each other, as Ibushi is currently out long term due to a cervical disc herniation. In the past, the more extreme of their matches earned mixed reviews due to being such a life-threatening fight. Nonetheless, Kenny is waiting for Ibushi in the New Japan ring, knowing they’ll one day face off again.

[Kenny] was boastful. “The guy I want to fight the most isn’t going to be in the New Japan Cup (opening on 3/3 in the Ôta City General Gymnasium). Even so, I’m waiting for the best challengers to come forward. BC represents the top of the world’s wrestling.” Until he fulfills his dramatic dream, he will not let anyone have his belt.