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(New Japan) Kenny Reunites with Ibushi: Brimming with Feelings Towards His Ally

IWGP US Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega (34) was defeated and dethroned on the 28th by Jay White (25) at New Japan’s Sapporo event. After the match, strife broke out within Bullet Club (BC) in the ring, but to everyone’s surprise, [Kenny’s] former best friend Ibushi Kôta (35) appeared and saved Kenny. Finally, the bond of the “Golden☆Lovers” (GL) was restored. Kenny spoke candidly to us about his intense feelings about the moment he had been waiting for all this time.

The title match in wintery Sapporo ended in a devastating conclusion: Kenny had dominated most of the match, but [Jay] countered his One Winged Angel and dethroned him as US champion with his Bladerunner.

Furthermore, after the match, BC broke apart. What a surprise it was then, when Ibushi rescued Kenny, who was left isolated and alone due to the betrayal of Cody (32). After sharing an emotional embrace, Kenny leaned on Ibushi’s strength and the two left the arena.

Although Kenny parted ways with Ibushi once he moved to New Japan in October of 2014, deep within he always waited eagerly for the moment they would meet again. In 2008, he crossed the sea and came to DDT from Canada in order to wrestle Ibushi. They became a tag team as the GL, and cast waves across the wrestling world in their conquest. Overcoming international borders, he had met with his partner, someone that could be called his best friend.

That evening, Kenny revealed his state of mind to us in an interview: ”When he came to save me, I immediately remembered our time as the GL. I always wonder about Ibushi’s feelings, but today I feel like I came to understand him just a little bit. The real Kenny is at Ibushi’s side.” When Ibushi made his return to his former home for the G1 CLIMAX last year, Kenny spoke of his wish to face him in the finals. Looking back to that time, [he said,] “That’s what I said, but what I really wanted the most was to stand together with him in the ring.”

The Canadian wrestler who chased after Ibushi in the ring of a foreign country has now become someone deserving of the name Best Bout Machine. He’s had numerous offers by the world’s largest promotion, WWE, as well, but he believed in his reunion with Ibushi, and refused [the offers].

“Because I was waiting. There’s no point if Ibushi isn’t with me. I wanted to change the world together. In BC I did well getting belts, but that was never more than a job. GL are more than wrestling to me, it’s real life. Of course, just because [I’ve] fulfilled [this dream] doesn’t mean I plan to say bye bye (to New Japan).”

It’s up in the air which events Kenny will participate in after this day, but beyond the split within BC being final, the day of the reunited GL seems near. Kenny had a gleam in his eyes [when he said,] ”I don’t know if Ibushi’s current dream is the same as mine. But in case that it is, I know we’ll be able to accomplish amazing things together.” Even while passing each other by, both “lovers” have achieved much growth, and now the time for their wrestling lives to be involved with one another again has finally come.