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This was part of the preview/hype video done by IMPACT for the upcoming PPV Hard to Kill. I have transcribed Don and Kenny’s segments only for now. Emphasis mine.

Don: Kenny Omega and Don Callis are next-level consciousness. We don't think in terms of days or weeks or months, we think in terms of years. So, the plan for Kenny Omega to be on top of this industry has been [looking questioningly at Kenny] 27 years in the making? Since you were 10 years old?
Kenny: About 27 years. Yeah, yeah.
Don: Yeah.

Kenny: Remorse?
Don: Remorse? What's that?
Kenny: You just said it yourself, it's the way that I won the title. History books will dictate and in the win-loss record—the win-loss column, it was a W for Kenny Omega. What does it matter the details?
Don: What—what emotion is remorse again? I can't—I don't feel a lot of human emotions, so it's difficult for me—is that—that'd be like guilt, I guess?
Kenny: I uh—I—
Don: Is that something? That's a thing. People feel guilty.
Kenny: It sounds more like weakness to me, Don. If we're being honest.
Don: Yeah, it's like—you know, you're not—you're not thoughtful, you're just weak. I mean, the reality is—I've said it before—real power is not given, real power is something you take. And that's what we've done. And at the end of the day, everyone gets very worried about living in the past. 'Oh, I regret what I did', or they worry about the future.

Kenny: Let me ask you a question. Does a man feel remorse for the ant he steps on on the way to the grocery store?
Don: Not me.
Kenny: No. People like Jon Moxley, people like all of the staff at AEW, all of the staff at IMPACT Wrestling, all the people that claim to be wrestlers—mere insects compared to what we bring to the table.
Don: I see the entire wrestling industry—the fans, the [grins] wrestlers, the [makes airquotes] office stooges—
Kenny: Uh-huh.
Don: I see them as all of the insects in that anthill. And then you and I are floating above going, 'They can't understand what we do'.
Kenny: No.
Don: But you read about it in the history books.

Kenny: Taking advantage of Tony Khan? Are you kidding me? Who hasn't taken advantage of Tony Khan? Look at the people we have under contract here in AEW.
Don: [laughs]
Kenny: Jeez, milking that man dry.
Don: My goodness.
Kenny: If anything, we feel sorry for Tony, and Tony should be thanking us, quite frankly. Look what we've brought to the table. We've actually moved the needle, for Christ's sake. Look, all those hard-earned dollars, Tony—now they're finally being put towards something that's actually giving back.
Don: Here's the thing. That guys like Tony, who—Tony is a, I think a very nice human being—
Kenny: I think he's a great human being.
Don: Great guy.
Kenny: Great boss.
Don: Done a lot—great boss—He's done a lot for the wrestling business, he's done a lot for the wrestlers—
Kenny: [???]
Don: I think he's fantastic. Here's the problem. Guys like Tony, who are super intelligent, 160 IQ, very, very successful, millions of dollars in the bank—what they do, is they attract, very much like woodticks are attracted to warm flesh—guys like Tony attract leeches on the wrestling business.
Kenny: [shaking his head] Hoh.
Don: They attract sycophantic yesmen, who just tell them whatever they wanna hear.
Kenny: And oh boy, are they sucking him dry.
Don: We—they are. We could have told Tony Khan about the lesson, but he wouldn't have listened, Kenny.
Kenny: He wouldn't have.
Don: Because he thinks he knows everything 'cause of all the yesmen telling him he's always right. So we had to show him. So I think at some point in Tony's professional and personal development, he'll look back on that night, Winter is Coming on Dynamite, and he'll say, 'I not only was taught but I lived a very important lesson'. And that lesson was: welcome to the wrestling business, young man.

Don: Well, it's something that we'd visualized a year ago, and it happened exactly as we visualized it. So, when you visualize something and you plan for a year in advance, when it actually happens, it doesn't become something that shocks you. Success doesn't happen by accident to Kenny Omega and Don Callis. It comes because we think on a different level. So, was I proud? I've been proud of him since he was 10 years old, I was proud of him when he was making 10 dollars working in a bar. It doesn't change that he's the god of pro wrestling now.

Don: I mean, I don't think there's enough time and enough superlatives to describe Kenny Omega as a wrestler, and there's even less time and not enough superlatives to describe the next-level consciousness human being that he is. You see, there's people in different industries who make ripples, and then there's other people affect tidal waves. Here's just the facts. I'll lay it out so all of the insects can understand: Kenny Omega is the best wrestler in the world right now. He's the best wrestler of his generation, he's the best wrestler of all time. Number two is not close, let's just be clear. That is how good he is. I don't throw around the term god—
Kenny: There's proof—hoh, boy
Don: But you're the god of professional wrestling—
Kenny: Yeah, I uh—
Don: I know you don't like to [pats Kenny's arm] get put over like that, but it's true.
Kenny: I accept your gracious compliments very humbly. But I will also add: you talk about the greatest of all time—that's a word that gets thrown out. The term, the GOAT, right?
Don: Yeah.
Kenny: It gets thrown out there, every day, on a daily bah-sis, Don. And, the thing is, you can toss that out and it becomes a matter of opinion. But I actually have evidence, I actually have proof that suggests that yes, Kenny Omega is perhaps the greatest of all time. I hold so many records and records that will never be broken, that cannot be broken, and I just keep compiling them, year after year after year after year after year. Unless you believe it now—great, great for you, you chose the winning team. Wait another year, add some more evidence to the table. Wait another year after that, then it becomes irrefutable.

Kenny: There are a lot of people that don't think on the level of the average day-wrestler. There are people that have bigger dreams than cashing their check, than being able to be in a ring, than being able to perform in front of their fans. There are people just like us out there that are willing to make the sacrifice to change the world. The Good Brothers are people like that.

Kenny: [about MCMG] Wow, legends, right? Legends. Look, when you're talking about people that are paving the way for a new style, for a new generation of wrestler, Motor City Machine Guns are right there. The Motor City Machine Guns accomplished a lot of what I would have loved to accomplish if I was on TV at the time. But the enigma, the phenom known as Kenny Omega wasn't yet active on that level. I was still in Winnipeg, honing my craft. I was still in Winnipeg, under the tutelage of Don Callis, preparing for something much bigger. So, the work that you put in, 10, 20 years, whatever it was, Machine Guns, it's been appreciated. And you caused the birth of, jeez, two of my greatest friends in wrestling, the Young Bucks. Boy, legendary feud there. The thing is, everyone since that time has surpassed you. And I do believe that, if there's a question of [makes airquotes] 'Do you still got it?', yeah, they still got, that's great. They're absolutely phenomenal, they're great. Great team, legendary, they'll go down in the history books as legends, people that helped architect a new style in tag team wrestling.
Don: Oh, listen, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin are both great young men.
Kenny: I respect them. Yup.
Don: Yup, got a lot of respect.
Kenny: Yup.
Don: But I go back to our example.
Kenny: Yup, sure.
Don: The insects are on the ground, scurrying around, oblivious—
Kenny: Collecting crumbs.
Don: Oblivious to what the gods are doing above.

Don: Rich Swann is a great World Champion, Rich Swann is a great athlete, Rich Swann has got—
Kenny: He's got charisma.
Don: He's got charisma, he's got a big heart.
Kenny: He's likable.
Don: I even like, I don't like many people. I like Rich Swann. Rich Swann is great. Rich Swann is amazing. But Rich Swann is not [points at Kenny through the palm of his hand and whispers] Kenny Omega. You know?
Kenny: I—trust me, I know.
Don: You know.
Kenny: I know. And if the world doesn't know, unfortunately, oh boy, they're in for a wake-up call [???]
Don: Are you excited, though? Because you got the IMPACT World Champion, the AEW World Champion, are you excited to—
Kenny: Don. [shakes his head]
Don: —be face to face with Rich Swann?
Kenny: Don. 
Don: Yeah.
Kenny: I feel nothing.
Don: I like that. I've taught you well.
Kenny: [smirks, laughs]
Don: You don't get excited.
Kenny: No.
Don: You're just gonna please Kenny Omega.
Kenny: That's it.
Don: Some people call that selfish, I call that next level.

Kenny: Did you see my arm, did you see my chest? I was bleeding—I was bleeding froom the barbed wired bat. Thank God you had accepted Tony's gracious offer to have guests from IMPACT Wrestling be there. And, look, we never told anyone that they'd be there. But I was glad that they were waiting. We knew Jon Moxley would be back, we knew he'd want revenge, we knew he's petty like that. We didn't think you'd go that far, Jon. So, thank God, Tony, that you allowed us to bring my friends from IMPACT Wrestling. However, if you're mad about that, you only have yourself to blame.

Kenny: We've got the formula. We have chemistry. We have something that we've had—it's lightning in a bottle and we're about to release it into the world. Do I feel nervous? No. I'm excited, in fact, because this is something that I haven't been able to show the people for quite some time. The Good Brothers and Kenny Omega, whether you knew it or not, we've done hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of matches against the top talent in all of Japan. Sure, people in North America haven't seen a lot of those matches, but you're about to. And you're about to see that no combination of three wrestlers are better than us in the ring. So get yourself ready, grab an apple, grab a notepad, a pen, a beverage of choice. Take some notes, you're gonna learn a thing or two, trust me.

Kenny: I win [clicks tongue] two, three, four, five Matches of the Year per year, I set some kind of record every year per year, a lot of those records are never broken. So, for me to show up to another promotion, give them a Kenny Omega performance, it sounds like just another day. Look, it's great, and I'm happy that everyone else is excited, and I'm gonna give the rub to guys like Motor City Machine Guns and Rich Swann. They get to see a real world champion, they get to see someone who's been world traveled, that has set an example that will never be met by anyone in this age or possibly the next. So, do I feel excited? No, but in a way, I'm kind of, sort of excited for you fans, that you get to feel something for a change when you watch wrestling.

Kenny: I see it going in a number of ways. Okay, look. You guys have seen what the Good Brothers can do. They're the [bleep] damn Tag Team Champions, aren't they?
Don: They are.
Kenny: They're the gosh darn Tag Team Champions. Sorry for my language. They're the gosh darn Tag Team Champions. So, you've got the Magic Killer, waiting in the ranks. What people don't know is that we've got some triple teams that we can unleash. You've got the One Winged Angel. Which, jeez, no one has ever kicked out of. Not that I can remember. Do you think that if you get hit with the Magic Killer, if you kick out, if someone's able to break the pin, that you're gonna be in any shape, form or fashion able to withstand a One Winged Angel, which no one else has ever kicked out of? Are you kidding me? [sucks in air] And it doesn't end there. Oh, we've got a lot of surprises, we've got a lot of moves in our repertoire, we've got a lot in our tool box, our tool chest. And what you guys have is something that's haphazardly thrown together, strewn together. And you're hoping for what? A win? Against people that are seasoned? Against people that have went up and down the strip together? That have experienced wars and battles unlike anyone else has? You'll understand the message that I'm trying to tell the world—if you don't get it now—it's that no one is on my level. And any belt that I hold becomes, by proxy, the most valuable belt in all of wrestling. So, Rich, just be careful how you go about this situation. Best be careful how far you wanna poke your nose into this business. Because it might not be a fight you are willing to end.
Don: At the end of the day, Kenny, here's the thing. If anyone's wondering about the ending of Hard to Kill, then you really haven't  been paying attention in the last couple of months. We planned everything. I can tell you move for move how that match is gonna go down, but I'm not going to. You're gonna have to watch. And at the end of the day—Rich Swann, amazing athlete. Motor City Machine Guns, amazing athletes.
Kenny: They're great.
Don: But there is only one By God Kenny Omega.
Kenny: Where we are different from everybody else is that we always have a plan B. We've got a plan C and we've got a plan D, and if we so need it—
Don: Plan H is a really good one, I'm excited about that too.
Kenny: We got a plan for every letter in the gosh darn alphabet. And trust me, we will see one of those plans through, and none of them involve you three getting the victory over us.