The scene begins with the Young Bucks being interviewed my Alex Marvez, before Don Callis comes in interrupts.

Marvez: Young Bucks, Rey Fénix and PAC have earned an AEW World Tag Team title shot. Where is your focus heading into this match?
Matt: Rey Fénix and PAC...Hey, Rey, you beat me in singles competition last week and [points behind him] a year ago you beat my brother, also in singles competition. Well, luckily for us, Rey and PAC, these are World Championship titles, you just so happen to be looking at the best damn tag team in professional wrestling. 

Don: Wow, that was great. I mean, that's, that—
Nick: What're you doin' here?
Don: —you guys almost sounded like you believed that.
Nick: What're you doin' here?
Don: What am I doin' here?
Matt: What do you want?
Don: I, I was worried about your dad, you know. I heard he got hurt, and you guys didn't really do anything about it. So I, I brought him a t-shirt. [holds up a t-shirt that says "Do Not Slap Leg When Kicking"]
Matt: What's this?
Don: I hope it makes him feel better. He can wear that in the hospital.
Matt: Oh, c'mon, get outta here.
Don: What's the matter?
Nick: Look at, look at your eye.
Don: Oh, the eye.
Matt: What happened to your eye?
Don: I—
Nick: You were faking.
Don: [turning to the camera] Look, okay, I was faking.
Matt: They don't care.
Don: They never actually kicked me.
Nick: Oh, yeah, of course.
Don: But you know what? I wanted you to kick me. I wanted you to, even though it would have hurt or put me in the hospital, just like your dad, I mean—I, I wanted you to kick me cause I wanted to see a little of that Young Bucks team, that Nick and Matt that I saw in Japan, that would just destroy the competition, the once in a millennium tag team. And, you know, you guys kinda founded this place—it's All Elite Wrestling, and [I] been here for a while and there's really nothing Elite about you guys anymore. I mean—Killing the Business is, is killing it. Right? But you guys have killed your careers.
Matt: Killed our careers.
Don: I mean, you lettin' everyone else take credit for everything around here. Kenny Omega doesn't even recognize you guys anymore—
Matt: Yeah, Kenny Omega, yeah, yeah—the guy you changed, our best friend and—
Nick: That's right.
Matt: What're you doing here, anyway, uncle creepy?
Don: You're right, you're right.
Matt: What do you want?
Don: You're right. Matt, you're right. I did change Kenny. Kenny's changed. You know how he's changed? He's a god of pro wrestling. He was here and now he's here, and you guys are down in the basement somewhere. Kenny doesn't recognize you because you're not Elite anymore. You're just another tag team with fancy tights living off your name. So I want you—I want to ask you one question before you guys get hot at me: you look in the mirror at night, do you see the same Nick and Matt that I saw in New Japan? Think about that.