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[] denote translated questions from the reporters. Emphasis mine.

[Please tell us how you're feeling right now.]

K: All right. Thousands of hours of training, years and years of wrestling. My God, fourteen motherfucking years. It’s finally come down to this—a dream come true. But it’s a fair trade: fourteen years to become a legend. Not many people become a legend, not many people even get to Japan, let alone stay in Japan. But what you’re looking at right here—not just me, oh no—you’ve got a table full of guys that have made the sacrifice top be in Japan! And so what? You don’t like their attitudes? Who cares? They get the job done. The Bullet Club, oh yeah—so what? We're not the number one sellers in New Japan. Are we the number one sellers worldwide? Uh-huh, yes we are! Are we gonna be the number one sellers in Japan again? After today? Uh, yeah, I fucking think so! Next question.

[What did the many Kenny calls make you feel like?]

K: [long pause] It reminded me of DDT. Do you guys remember DDT? Yeah, I was DDT. I looked at those guys like my family. Yeah, they treated me like a son. And then you know what they did? They betrayed me. Yeah, they threw me to the dogs. That's exactly what they did. So, when I heard the fans calling me, for a second—one second—it felt real good. Oh, I got a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart. But then I remembered: just as soon as they love you, they will discard you for the next popular act. Look at Los Ingobernables! You guys love Bullet Club, all of you! Where are you now?! You're all wearing LIJ shirts, I fucking know you are. Same shit. You guys wanna like me because I'm the best wrestler in the world? Well, uh, DUH! Why the fuck wouldn't you? Next question.

[In today's match, you used the Sit Down Style Last Ride, the Phoenix Splash and—]

K: No comment, no comment, no comment, no comment.

[Next question!]

K: Next question, I don't wanna talk about that. [shaking his head] Nope.

[You're the first foreigner to win [the G1]. What're your feelings about that?]

K: Look. I'm not gonna lie. Japanese wrestlers have the biggest heart. They do. They never wanna give up. Even though I'm two times more talented than any wrestler in this fucking locker room, they care. They will die in this ring. I won't. I just want the money, I want the fame, I want the women. So, was it tough to become a legend? Yeah. But I had to eat a man's heart, I had to break a man's spirit, and I had to crush him on live television, in front of ten thousand people and hundreds of thousands worldwide. Oh, you better believe that felt good. [laughs] Next.

[May we know what kind of an opponent Goto, whom you defeated in this match, was for you?]

K: Well, today was the first time I fought Goto. You guys know that. There's a lot of wrestlers in this locker room I never fought before; Goto is one of 'em. But, uh, I was lucky. A little. A little lucky. Because last match, Goto wrestled Marufuji. You guys know Marufuji? Probably, right? Yeah, he's famous. Okay, Marufuji does knees, a lot of 'em, like me. But unlike Marufuji, my knees are a little better. And the more knees I hit, the more loopy that motherfucker gets and the more shattered his jaw gets. It only took a barrage of knees and [while motioning One Winged Angel] whoop, whoop, ba-baam. Katayoku no Tenshi, One Winged Angel to finish the job. So I was confident going into the match. It was difficult; in two days I had to wrestler over one motherfucking hour. That sucks! But I did it. So it's a great feeling. Oh, boy, I'm gonna sleep well, take an H-bomb, sleep on the flight the whole way home. NEXT!

[We're are done with the interview round 1 for now.]