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The episode opens with the ending segment of the Dynamite from 4/14 (Episode 80, FITE 15-21). At the end, there’s more of the match preceding that segment, interspliced with black-and-white recolored footage from various points in the story[1] as the Young Bucks hesitate to execute the BTE Trigger on Kenny.
After the flashback of the Bucks Superkicking Moxley, the episode cuts to the Elite sitting together in the EVP room (reminiscent of BTE 174) as Kenny cuts a longer promo to the silent Bucks.

Kenny: Yeah, it's crazy—I mean—

How long has it been since we sat like this? Last time I remember, uh—might have been in a New Japan locker room[2]. Were telling you guys, everything was unclear, and we didn't know where we'd be, where we'd go. Where we'd end up. I'd said to you guys, as long as we'd stuck together, we'd be okay. And, uh—

We said that we'd changed the world. Change the world. That's what we did. Everything's different. My world's different. We've all changed. But change the world? What does that even mean? I mean—Yeah, sure, the world changed for us. Everything's different.

The people sure changed. Cause, uh—whatever the hell we were before—the thing that everyone loved—the flocks of people that followed us, the flocks of people that wanted to be like us, the people that we inspired—oh, they turned on us, didn't they?

Now, I just keep hearing "This guy is better than you" and "This guy is better than you" and "You're washed up, you're overrated". I've heard of many tag teams that are better than you guys. How many times did you have to prove them wrong? Over, and over, and over again? How many times over do we have to have to have the best matches of all time? And as soon as we don't, it's like, yeah, we're "washed up".

We ain't shit. No one cares about us. I break my neck tomorrow—people are happy. People are smiling. You guys are dead tomorrow—who cares about what your family thinks? Who cares about what your kid thinks? They're happy, cause you're out of the picture. We got go away heat. People don't like us anymore. People don't care about us. People don't care about our well-being. They want us out of business. They want our promotion out of business. And, uh—

That's actually why I'm, I'm most glad that we're together. And, uh—We've changed a lot. I've changed the world and to do that I had to change myself. Maybe I don't like that person so much, but as long as I got you guys, I'm fine with that.

There's just one problem. When I look at you guys now, I see everything that I hate about current day wrestling: I see the pandering to the fans, I see a style that we no longer wanna represent, I see the Young Bucks that were happy with the way professional wrestling was, I see the Young Bucks that loved what they did.

You don't love what we do. I don't love what I do. I do this because it's my responsibility. It's my responsibility to be the best, it's my responsibility to embarrass all these other people that think that they're the best, that think they're on our level.

And now I think it's time for the person that I know you guys are in here to be shown to the world out there. We don't have to play games anymore, we don't have to put a mask on—

[Kenny takes out one of the Bucks' tights from underneath the table]

Just be ourselves. And ourselves isn't this. It's not—it's not this—It's not these frillies—It's not tassels—It's not—it's not these colors. It mighta been you. But it's not you now and it's now where we're going. So...far be it from to tell you guys what to do, but...if I know you as well as I think I know you guys, you agree.

There's godda be a change.

[1]: In order of appearance (some of these may require memberships): BTE: Mr SandersBTE 90: Empire of Dirt, BTE: Press ConferenceAEW Dynamite: St. Patrick’s Day Slam, BTE: The Elite ConverseBTE 100: Finale, Post-match of ROH Supercard of Honor XIIBTE 155: This Episode is Live, ROH Supercard of Honor XII againBTE 238: The Band is Back TogetherBTE 233: Heel Turn, and AEW Dynamite: New Year’s Smash Night 1.

[2]: It should be noted that Kenny is misremembering this, as the last time the Elite met like this was in AEW in October of 2019, not in New Japan.