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The segment takes place after the end of the show, which saw Inner Circle attack the father of the Young Bucks. Don, the Good Brothers and Kenny are holding a press conference backstage, before the Young Bucks enter the scene.

I: Can you tell me what happened out there with Christian Cage, Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley?
Kenny: Oh, you tell 'em, Don.
Don: Well, what happened out there, what happened was we do what we do every week.We take everything that can be taken, and then we take a little more. And I got a lot of reasons to be happy—I got sixty-nine reasons to be happy.
Don: [through general laughter and wooping] Ah, c'mon. Hey, listen, that's trending, that's trending. We got it all going on. [Kenny and the GB Too Sweet in the background] Listen, you have no idea how happy that I was when that ring didn't blow up.
Because we took your money. We took Moxley's big—he says everyone's gotta die—he would have loved to have died that night. Instead, he layed [sic] there like a jackass, and then the big tough street kid Eddie Kingston—he's covering his friend and nothing happens. Sometimes, that's how it goes. That's how it goes, cause we control this thing.
But little piece of business—old friend of mine, Christian Cage, wants to stick his nose into the business of the god of pro wrestling, the king of the deathmatch, Kenny "By God" Omega. Well, Christian, get in line, because Kenny Omega is the greatest wrestler in the history of the world and I'm out here with the Impact World Tag Team champions, the Good Brothers.
Everybody's talking about this. And you can come out and you can try to assault Kenny Omega, but it doesn't matter, because we're gonna—
Kenny: Hey, hey!
[the Young Bucks enter the scene]
Anderson: Hey, woah, woah, woah, Young Bizzles—
Matt: You're gonna what, Don, huh? Huh?
Don: Look at this, huh. What's going on, guys?
Gallows: What's up, Young Bucks?
Matt: What's going on, huh?
Don: What's happening?
Matt: Where've you been, huh? Where've you been?
Kenny: Where've you been?
Don: We're right here, we're talking to—
Matt: [talking over Don] Oh, where have I been?
Kenny: Could have used your help back there.
Matt: [You didn't answer] your damn phone.
Anderson: Hold on—
Matt: Oh, you could've used our help? I could've used your help!
Don: It's all right, it's all right—
Nick: We could've used your help!
Matt: The only person in this room—
Kenny: Christian comes into the ring, tries to [???] are you kidding me?!
Matt: The only people in this room who've had our back are the Good Brothers! Where have you been?!
Don: Oh, listen, you know what, I gotta talk to you guys about that—
Nick: [pointing to the GB] They were in the hospital without [???]
Don: Those guys are—those—their dad—
Matt: [quietly, to Kenny] I didn't even check on my dad. Didn't even check on my dad.
Kenny: Your dad was fine, are you kidding me?!
Don: You bring your dad to a pro wrestling show, what do you think's gonna happen?! He's gonna get his ass kicked!
Kenny: This has happened to your dad before and you're the ones that did it. And now I'm the bad guy?![1]
Don: That's your fault for bringing your dad to a pro wrestling show!
Nick: It's our fault, huh? Really?!
Don: [gesturing at Nick] That's your fault. Totally your fault.
Kenny: You chose your dad over me and that's the truth!
Matt: [sarcastically] Are you happy?
Nick: Pick up your phone!
Matt: Don't let him change you!
Don: You know what, you know what?
Kenny: You chose your dad over me!
Don: [pointing at himself and Kenny] We're family!
Matt: [sarcastically] Family!
Nick: Pick up your phone, huh!
Kenny: Don was there, I was there!
Nick: We had a match!
Matt: [sarcastically] You're family now!
Kenny: And you [???] your dad [???]
Don: And these guys are saving your asses every week!
Nick: [pointing at Kenny] Kenny, you're brainwashed! Listen to us, damn it!
Matt: [quietly] I can't [deal with that]
Don: And it's getting real old!
Matt: [cutting past Don] How about we go and we talk right here without this prick right here?
Kenny: You know what? That's fine. I'm actually cool with that—
Don: [holding Kenny back] Actually, you know what, we got a meeting, so we can't do that—
Kenny: [apprehensive] What—meeting?
Nick: Meeting.
Matt: [sarcastically] Oh, meeting?
Nick: Meeting?
Don: [dragging Kenny away] But you know what, call, call the number.
Kenny: No, I—
Don: Call the house, we'll make a meeting.Go talk to Nakazawa.
Anderson: Listen, we'll handle this.
Kenny: [off-screen] Call Barry—
Gallows: Everything's gonna be cool.
Matt: [sarcastically] Everything's gonna be cool, huh?
Anderson: [off-screen] You take care of Papa Buck.
Kenny: [off-screen] Barry will certainly set something up, I sw—I promise, guys, I—
Matt: How about, how about we talk right now, Kenny?
Kenny: [off-screen] I wanna talk to—
Anderson: [off-screen] Why does Barry have to talk about this?

[1]: Kenny referencing ROH Global Wars ’16 could also be taken as an early foreshadowing of Adam Cole’s eventual AEW debut, since his induction into the Bullet Club happened during the same Superkick Party segment Kenny is alluding to here.