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The last segment of the episode consists of B-roll footage of the confrontation between the Young Bucks and Don Callis from the Dynamite the week before.

Matt is shown leaving, presumably from said confrontation, and walking through the hallway when he is intercepted by Matt Hardy, who admits he was the one who sent the text message from Hangman’s phone that ultimately drove the Elite apart.

Matt leaves his belt behind with Hardy to talk to Hangman, starting at the EVP office door. Scenes and audio from previous story points are shown on screen while he walks, namely:

→ Hangman saying “I have been the least successful member of this group the entire time and I can’t do it anymore!”
→ Hangman saying “Why don’t you say ‘Thank you’ to me for once?”
→ Hangman saying “I’m done being the guy who stands behind you!” over footage of him interfering by holding Nick’s leg to cost the Young Bucks the match against Best Friends and, thus, their run in the tag team gauntlet
→ Matt saying “He’s insecure” over a brief moment of Hangman looking tired, lost and depressed after said interference
→ Matt saying “You’re nothing but a drunk” during the scene in which the Bucks kick Hangman out of the Elite from the same episode of Dynamite
→ Hangman saying “Maybe I should go home”
→ Matt saying “You’re out of the Elite” over footage of Hangman looking into the broken mirror from the aforementioned episode of Dynamite
→ Nick saying “This is supposed to be fun” over footage of Kenny shoving the Too Sweet sign into Matt’s face

Matt arrives at the door to the bar, and sees Hangman and the Dark Order inside, messing around and having fun. He hesitates, and in the end, he doesn’t knock or go inside, closing the glass door instead.