Tony: Gentlemen, the contract has been presented. [Hangman sits down, then Kenny] Obviously we don't need to talk that much about it. You know this is the single biggest prize in AEW.

Now let's have, first of all, the challenger to sign first. Or would that be the champion that's signing first? Who's signing first? The challenger? [pause] Page, it's all up to you, buddy.

[Hangman is presented the contract, takes the pen, and then takes the mic]

Hangman: [looking at Kenny] You know, after all this time, I don't know what there is left to say. And I know that the sooner I sign this, the sooner I get to Full Gear and beat your ass for the World Championship.

[Hangman signs, Tony presents the contract to Kenny, who takes the pen, hesitates, and then takes the mic]

Kenny: You know, I wish I could share your excitement. I wish I could share the excitement and the enthusiasm of these [laughs, pauses] wonderful fans.

But I gotta say, Hangman, I'm a little sad, actually. I mean, we were friends, we were partners. As a member of the Elite, we were like family. You see all of this? [gestures around the arena] Everything here, this was meant for you. [smiles] And if it wasn't for your insecurities, if it wasn't for your failures— [crowd boos loudly] Hey, aw, no—You talk about that cowboy spirit, right? You guys love the cowboy spirit? You said it best yourself: you fall of that horse, you get right back up into that saddle, right?

I wish the cameras could see how it really was, Hangman. It was never you. It was always us that picked you up out of your sorrows every single time, sat you back up on that horse and sent you back out there to give these people what they thought they wanted, and that was cowboy shit.

And why did I do that? Why did I do that?! Even after you walked away, even after you turned us down after we invited you back? [laughs] Call me crazy, but I did it because I saw a little bit of myself in you. [through bitter laughter] How wrong I was. What a disappointment.

Hangman: You know, you talk a lot about me choking, my failures, my insecurities, and maybe you're right, yeah. [Kenny nods] But if I remember you once had another tag team partner who maybe you felt like you didn't measure up to either.

[crowd boos loudly, Hangman pauses and Kenny reels in visible hurt]

[loudly] But I look across the ring and I see you now, the Best Bout Machine, the wrestling god, the man who's been the AEW World champion for almost a year now, and it might be fair to say you've surpassed 'im.

Kenny: [nodding, inaudible]

Hangman: [after a pause] And over the few years you've told me a lot of lies. You told me I wasn't good enough, you told me I couldn't beat you, you let me fall flat on my face, but the biggest lie that you ever told me was last year at Full Gear in the eliminator tournament when you beat me, you knelt over my body and you said, 'Good job, Hanger. I'm proud of you'.

You weren't proud of me, you were afraid of me. You didn't want me to feel the pain of loss like you had felt before. You never wanted to light a fire under my ass, for me to prove myself, [louder] to redeem myself, [louder still] you never wanted to make me become what you've become, what I will become this Saturday, when I beat you and become the AEW World champion. [sets mic down]

Kenny: No, no, no, no, you've got it all wrong, Hangman, you've got it all wrong. [stands up, so does Hangman] What I did I did out of necessity, what I did I did because, believe it or not, I care about you, Hangman. What I did was because I wanted to be the guy standing in front of the table from you right now so could realize your potential. Whether we can be friends ever again, whether you'll ever team with me again, who knows? I don't know. But one thing's for sure, is that I wanna be able to shake your hand right here, right now. One last time.

[Hangman moves his chair out of the way]

Kenny: Let's kill it at the pay-per-view, man to man. [Kenny puts the mic away and offers his hand, Hangman goes to shake it, Kenny takes the mic again after]

Kenny: Good job, Hangman, I'm proud of you.

[Kenny moves to leave the ring, Don in disguise as a cameraman attacks Hangman, Kenny laughs]

Kenny: I'm sorry, Hangman, this is necessity! [humiliatingly] I love you, buddy, I love you, I did this because I love you! [while Don takes off his disguise] Don't you get it?

Don: [into the camera] Yes! Yes!

Kenny: [taking the contract] Never saw it coming! [gives Don the mic]

Don: You know Kenny, they say the greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was to make the world forget he existed. For six weeks, I've been hiding in my basement. [pointing at Hangman in Kenny's grip, bloody from the assault] Does this look like somebody who's ready to win the World title, Kenny? [while Kenny takes Hangman's blood to sign the contract] Does this look like somebody who's ready to win a World title? Sign it! Sign it!

Kenny: Omega...Right there! [showing the contract]

Don: Look at that! [???] contract, you've got it.