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JR: Here with the AEW World champion, Kenny Omega. The Omega Danielson match, to me, is a dream match. Do you feel the same thing, Kenny? The dream match, or am I being naive?
Kenny: [while fondling belt] I mean, it could be a dream match for you. Could be a dream match for the people. To me, it's just another Wednesday.
Don: People talk about dream matches. Some people like to make people's dream come true.
Kenny: Uh-huh.
Don: We like to crush people's [dreams].
Kenny: The thing that irks me, JR, is this, uh, air of confidence. Sort of this sense of entitlement. Everyone that comes from [pointing at JR] where you came from, you know what I'm talking about.
JR: I do.
Kenny: They come here, and they feel like they are entitled to something. And I've seen it all before. Every guy that walks through those doors, they target me. Why is that? It's because they recognize that I'm the top talent. I could have said no. I could have flat-out refused. Here in AEW we have a win-loss record thing going. I'm sure you're aware of it. Bryan Danielson, you're aware. Where is he, Don?
Don: Not even in the top thirty.
Kenny: No, back of the bus.
Don: Back of the bus.
Kenny: Bottom of the barrel.

BD: I 100% respect the AEW ranking system and I know you just don't come in here and ask for a title shot and get it.

JR: When Danielson came to the ring on Dynamite to challenge Kenny, you seemed to be adamant to not go for it.
Don: Well, why should we? I mean, it's the arrogance of the Stamford Super Max people, that come in here and say, "We're entitled".
Kenny: You came here thinking that you deserved a handout. That you deserve something for free. Because everyone knows your catchphrase, because everyone knows your face. I don't mind showing you what the Best Bout Machine is all about. I don't mind showing you why everyone called me the best, why I have inspired a nation, why this promotion even exists. You wanna make it just you and me, pal? Hm? I'm not gonna put this title on the line. [while laughing bitterly] No, I'm not gonna do that. But, uh, [takes off sunglasses] you want the real Kenny Omega? You want me? Hm? Let's make it one for the ages. Let's give these people a dream match. One v one. Mano y mano. Just you and me, Danielson. See if you still got it.

BD: I think for a lot of people this is a dream match. I think for AEW fans this is a dream match. For me, this is a dream match. This is a chance for me to go in and test the guy who people have been calling the best for the last five years.

Kenny: Bryan Danielson, this is the real deal. I wasn't manufactured, I wasn't created, I didn't have billions of dollars pumped into my being. I'm Kenny Omega. Everything that you see here is self-made.

BD: I think people have gotten misconceptions about me over the years. And I'm here to show the true Bryan Danielson, which I think is gonna be exciting for the AEW fans, and scary as hell for the AEW wrestlers.

Kenny: Bryan Danielson, you wanna go back to your roots, you wanna be the American Dragon? Oh, I remember that guy. Boy, was he ever popular. Suddenly you wanna prove to everyone that you're some sort of fabulous wrestler, one of the best in the world. That's fine, I believe that you are. You don't have to prove anything to me. But what you have to prove is that you belong here in AEW. What you do have to prove is that belong in the ring with the champ.

BD: The so-called [makes airquotes] Elite have made a lot of enemies.

Kenny: You don't like the new Kenny Omega? You don't like the Young Bucks? You don't like the Good Brothers? You don't like Adam Cole? That's fine. I don't mind showing you what the Best Bout Machine is all about.

BD: So If anybody wants to try anything that just shows that Kenny Omega isn't as confident as he makes it seem about his abilities.

Kenny: I fancy myself a fighting champion. I have pride in what I do. I have pride in my career, in my legacy. Mr Callis has pride. Mr Callis believes in me. All you AEW fans, this place that I've created, they believe in me. So it's my duty, it's my responsibility to make sure that you fail, just like all before you. And it's my duty that you never rise up in those ranks, Bryan Danielson.

BD: I mean, what kind of rankings would they be if I beat the champion and it didn't make me number one? I'm going in there to win, I'm going in there to show everybody what Bryan Danielson is all about.

Kenny: The underdog, Bryan Danielson. You were an underdog there and then you inspired a nation. You had everyone [points one finger repeatedly up in the air] doing your thing. Unfortunately for you, Bryan Danielson, this underdog is not gonna have a Cinderella story. There's no silver lining, this isn't gonna lead to me putting up my belt against you, no. This is just me, putting you in your place. Enjoy this moment while it lasts, because, trust me, this will be the one and only time that you ever stand toe to toe with me in that ring.