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1/10 2008
Ibushi’s Request Part 2

“Excuse me, I remember I had a request for the company.”
Ibushi did weight training today with Abe1. When I went to meet them, he suddenly said that.
Actually, he did say “Ah, I had one more request, but I forgot, so I’ll say it [next time] when I remember” yesterday at the end of the contract renewal [talks].
Could it be, could it be…

Ibushi: “I want to [have a match] at sea.”
Me: “Huh, the sea?”
Ibushi: “Yeah, this year I have to have a match at sea.”
Me: “…”
Ibushi: “Honestly I want to wrestle in a supermarket or something, but it’s not possible in a supermarket, so [I wanna do it] at sea.”
Me: “…”
Ibushi: “Is it difficult to [have a match] in a supermarket?”
Me: “No, I’ll look for one…and [a place] at sea too…”
Ibushi: “Thank you! It’s totally fine if it’s over there.” (points at the cars driving on the Kôshû Kaidô2)
Me: “…”

And thus, it looks like Ibushi will become not a street musician, but a street wrestler in 2008, and have matches at sea, in a supermarket, a park and so on. Stay tuned…

To everyone who thinks this, including yesterday’s entry, is all a fabrication: it’s all true.


1 Abe Yukihiro, former DDT wrestler.
2 A road running along the inner countryside from Tôkyô to Yamanashi.